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Little Corona

Long Exposure fun at Little Corona Del Mar beach. 

It seriously has been way too long since I’ve photographed a rad seascape I’ve been so busy doing other genres of the chart for your bike at Shaws real estate in the weddings kind of felt like I was losing myself losing my source pressures seascapes is my first Love one across the photography take photos of ocean all day long every day forever.  

As I took the walk down the path to Little Corona beach I thought to myself that I wanted to capture something new just do a standard C state that I had done before or that I had seen done so I took my time walking around the typos on the rocks looking for an interesting proposition given that it was a very low tide inmate for some rad rocky Craigs wherever water could the wispy water on a long exposure with contrast are you and decided to go vertical or a few shots and to Center everything  I think that goes back to my mouth roots my physics and finance friend where everything needs to be balanced and centered in order  

 I remade a rad new photographer friend at Chan photo or just me and him that night given it was a weekend in the winter which makes for a nice place for sunset session when I competing with 10 other cameras . 

I’m pretty stoked on some of the photos I got the van I was a little bit rusty and after sunset wasn’t Celia spectacular but when I made the most of it is were edited in light room like that vibrant tones to it propels goals and blues