Death Valley Dunes

What to do with a free day?
We had straight to the desert of course! This time my photography and road trip buddy, Vianey, and I made our second trip back to the Death Valley Sand dune‘s properly known as the Mesquite flat dunes.  The weather was a perfect 75° during the day and then 65° at night with some light wind.

The original purpose of this trip was for my own personal birthday photo shoot where I was the subject/model.  For this shoot, I wore a white outfit. I'll include some pictures below and you can check my Instagram for more of those too.  While I was being photographed and pretending to be a model for a day,  I couldn’t help but let my inner photographer take over for just a moment.  I snapped a few with my nifty 50mm and my favorite 12mm.  I am continually inspired by the desert with the contrasting shapes and textures from the micro to the macro scale.  Plus, when you're standing in an ocean of shaped sand, you can't help but feel like you're sailing on a tiny boat in this giant expanse of rolling dunes.

During our last trip to Death Valley, I tried to focus on the shapes and to keep things minimal.  When I first happen upon a magical landscape such as the dunes, many times I’m overwhelmed with the infinite possibilities potential composition, angles, and lenses that can be used to convey my vision.  I have to stop myself from being carried away in simply trying to take a picture, and to just enjoy the experience.  When I take a moment to stop, I become more focused and I’m forced to look deeper beyond the superficial perspective and I look for the way to reflect what I am feeling.

Here is my second attempt to bring to you Death Valley.

Enjoy :)